Water Conservation for business

From 21st January 2014, Irish Water is responsible for the provision of water services in Ireland


Water and Waste Water Rates

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From 6th October, 2016 please make all payments to Irish WaterIrish Water have taken over responsibility for Commercial Water and Billing from Fingal County Council as and from Thursday 6th October, 2016

For queries about Commercial Water accounts or bills, please contact Irish Water on 

1850 778 778 (9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri)
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @IWCare
Web: www.water.ie/business 

Cash, cheques, EFT payments etc. can no longer be accepted by Fingal County Council for Commercial Water Charges

Irish Water is responsible for the provision of water services in Ireland from 1st January 2014.

The following charges and payment arrangements remain in place until further notice.

Type of Supply

Charge from 1/1/2013

Metered Supplies Water In /Out Consolidated Charge

€2.21 Per Cubic Meter (1,000 litres)

Metered Supplies  Water In Only

1.02 Per Cubic Meter


Standing Charges Per Quarter

Pipe Size up to & including 15mm


Pipe Size 16mm to 23mm


Pipe Size 24mm to 30mm


Pipe Size 31mm to 50mm


Pipe Size 51mm to 100mm


Pipe Size 101mm to 150mm


Pipe Size 151mm to 200mm


Pipe Size 201mm to 250mm



A domestic allowance of €83 per quarter is applied where
there is a domestic element to a metered account for consolidated water
and €38 for water in only.

Who is liable to pay?

All non-domestic consumers are liable for a charge.  Bills are issued every quarter.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my water supply?

If for some reason you have no water, you suspect a leak on your supply or are concerned about water quality, please contact us at:

Telephone: Supply Enquiries Irish Water 1850 278 278
  Emergency number 1850 278 278
Email: [email protected]  

Water conservation for business

Reducing water consumption for business saves on your water bills.

How to reduce your bill

  • Identify where you use water within your business.
  • Check your system for leaks. Shutdown or don’t use all water facilities and then check if the reading on your water meter is advancing.  If it is still moving, then you may have a leak on your property.  Most businesses can check this by simply reading the meter before closing up at night and then reading again just before opening.
  • Have any leaks identified repaired as soon as possible.  If the leak is not obvious, a plumber may be able to assist. In more extreme cases, a private leak detection company with more specialist equipment may be required.
  • Install low flow devices.  Taps and shower heads can be easily and cheaply fitted with aerators, toilets can be fitted with displacement devices in the cisterns, and urinals can be fitted with motion sensors to control flushing.  Business processes can be streamlined to reduce water wastage or to recycle water.
  • As you replace equipment such as dishwashers, washing machines etc, choose those that have low water consumption.  This information is displayed on the energy rating sticker. Similarly, if you are replacing toilets, choose one with dual flush.
  • Involve your staff and make them aware of your goals and targets in relation to water savings. Monitor your results.

For information on how to read your meter, and further water conservation tips, please visit www.taptips.ie

How to find and read your water meter?

Most water meters are located in the footpath outside your premises. If you want to read your meter, first you've got to open the lid. Do this by prising the lid off with a screwdriver. It is important to replace the lid properly to ensure that the meter box remains watertight.

The meter box contains a foam/plastic plug. This protects the meter from frost. Remove the plug if you wish to examine the meter and replace it when you are finished. Your water bill has an 8 digit serial number.  This is also stamped on your water meter under the reading digits. The meter may be read by lifting the flap on the top of the unit.

Meters in Fingal are metric meters and they measure water volume in cubic metres (1 cubic metre =1000 litres).  You are charged for whole cubic meters used.

Want to Make A Payment?

Check www.water.ie/business

Telephone 1850 778 778 (9am-5.30pm Mon - Fri)

Water supply and emergencies

Telephone 1850 278 278 (24 hours a day 7 days a week)