Our Balbriggan 2019 – 2025 Rejuvenation Plan

The future of Our Balbriggan is set to be transformed thanks to a plan that has been shaped by you, the residents of the town.

Our Balbriggan 2019. 

Balbriggan has witnessed rapid expansion of new housing areas and a retail centre outside the traditional town core during the 2000s. It is now the youngest and one of the most ethnically diverse towns in Ireland (Census, 2016). Amenities have not kept pace with population growth, the local economy and main street have struggled, perception of place is poor and previous plans have failed to be implemented.


There is now a need for a sustained focus on rejuvenating the original town centre and main street and how they relate to the expanded town, with a view to creating a more attractive, connected place that people want to live and spend time in for work, shopping or recreational purposes. Further, there is a need to focus on community driven renewal by strengthening the relationships between the public, social and commercial economy, to create a more resilient, sustainable Balbriggan.


The strategy sets out ’20 things in the first 12 months’ which was launched in May of this year and will be reviewed in 2020.


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