Fingal 2016 Centenary Projects

The Fingal 2016 Centenary Programme has been devised in response to ideas and suggestions arising from public consultation meetings in 2015 that were attended by relatives of those involved from Fingal in the 1916 Rising, members of the Fingal Old IRA Commemorative Society, historical societies, community groups, artists and the wider public. 


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The ‌Fingal 2016 Centenary Programme has been delivering a diverse and rich range of events to honour the legacy of the men and women in Fingal who contributed to the fight for Irish Freedom during Easter Week 1916.  Piecing the story together and presenting it through a variety of media and from differing perspectives will allow us to secure its place in the memory of future generations, and will allow our diverse community today to engage meaningfully with the complex events of this period.

 Events and Projects:

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