Burning Waste and Bonfires

Bonfires and the burning of waste is illegal and should be reported to the Litter Hotline:-

 1800 20 10 93. 

Illegal Burning of Waste

The disposal of waste by uncontrolled burning is an offence under both the Air Pollution Act, 1987 and the Waste Management Act, 1996 as amended.

If you encounter illegal burning of waste please phone the Litter Hotline 1800 20 10 93, or email [email protected] . Enforcement Section.

Notice on Prohibition of Burning Waste


The lighting of bonfires is prohibited.  Please remember: bonfires are dangerous, cause injury to children each year and cause damage to your environment. 

When we make staff available to clean up after bonfires and reinstate open spaces, they can’t carry out normal maintenance duties.

Don’t leave out materials for use in bonfires. Don’t allow a bonfire on your local open space.

Remember, it’s your local environment – protect it.