54 Schools, 1,650 kids, sun shining……Ready, steady, GO!

by Niall McGuirk
by Niall McGuirk on April 11, 2014 in Fingal, Sports & Recreation

54 Schools, 1650 kids participating, over 40 Fingal County Council staff & volunteers and thankfully the sun shone – Phew!!!!!!

Primary School League

54 Schools, 1650 kids participating, over 40 Fingal County Council staff & volunteers from various organisations including Athletics Ireland and thankfully the sun shone on what was the 7th and best Fingal Primary Schools Athletics Final to date! Phew!!!!!!

It’s come a long way from 5 schools and 100 kids running around Balheary Park in Swords. The aim of the league is to get kids running, kids of all abilities (we’re not just focusing on the best) we want schools to use the league to develop a running and fitness ethos within their schools and encourage children to be more active in their daily lives. As anyone with kids will testify to we don’t need leagues for kids to be competitive (my kids race each other to the car from the front door EVERY day and there’s no medals given out!); kids are naturally competitive and that shouldn’t be seen as a negative.

The competitiveness comes from kids always wanting to do their best and that’s all you can ask of anyone. This could be clearly seen at the Finals Day when a child battling for 1st place with another competitor took a nasty fall with just 5 metres to go and after a quick look over his shoulder realised he could still get into a podium position, he just jumped up and got himself across the line to finish in second place. That’s fantastic courage, determination and work ethic for a 9 year old boy!

As we also all know not everyone can win and the ultimate moment for me at the athletics league was when a girl from 4th class who was clearly coming in last place, everyone had finished, she still had 50 metres to go and was moving at just above walking pace. She was joined by a pal who had finished ahead of her and side by side with arms around each other’s neck she helped her friend across the finish line. A beautiful moment recognised by the on-looking crowd and staff and a realisation of the impact of sport and a reminder that it’s not all about medals!


Niall Mc Guirk
Senior Sports Development Officer