Field Monument Advisor

The Field Monument Advisor (FMA) Scheme is an initiative of the Heritage Council and Fingal County Council to support landowners in the care of archaeological monuments in their ownership.

Archaeological monuments are a unique source of information and raising awareness of their presence and need for protection is a priority of the Field Monument Advisor (FMA). We are the largest single landowner in terms archaeological monuments, with responsiblity for 20% of Fingal’s monuments. 

Part of the Field Monument Advisors work includes undertaking studies, and seminars and public exhibitions. You can view one of our current projects, the Illustrating Fingals Heritage Facebook Page , an image gallery of photos, paintings and postcards of the built heritage around Fingal. 


Revisiting Fingals Monuments FMA 2013 
Communicating Fingals Archaeological Resource 
Managing Fingal County Councils Archaeological Resource 
Fingal Field Monument Advisor Scheme Leaflet 
Archaeology of Open Spaces  


Contact Us

Christine Baker, Field Monument Advisor
By email: [email protected]