Water Conservation

Water is a valuable resource when you consider both the production and distribution costs. It will continue to be the subject to a Water Conservation project.  

Ways We Can All Conserve Water

Check for leaks, this can be as simple as a leaking tap or toilet cistern to a leak on the service pipe to your home. The amount of water lost by a leaking pipe depends on the size of the hole in the service pipe and the water pressure.

A tap leaking 1 drop per second will lose over 4 litres a day, this all adds up over a year so replacing a washer can save a lot of water.

Leaks underground are not visible but we detect these by sonic testing (listening device), if you get a letter from us to say you have a private side leak (leak on pipe between stop cock and house) please repair it as you are losing water and in dry spells this water is needed to avoid low pressure or water loss by reservoir water levels dropping.

Do not leave the tap running while washing your teeth, hands or indeed in the kitchen when washing vegetables etc. This looses an unnecessary amount of water.

A power shower uses 80 litres in 5 minutes as opposed to an ordinary shower which uses 35 litres in the same time.

If watering the garden avoid using the hose which loses a huge amount of water and is not necessary unless there a very long dry spell. Even then use wastewater from washing dishes/vegetables etc.  If possible have a barrel or water butt to catch rainwater and use for the garden.

Go to www.taptips.ie for other ideas on conserving water.

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If you want to report a leak please do so by contacting the new water utility body, Irish Water at 1890278278 or report it through Fix Your Street online at www.fixyourstreet.ie.