Commercial Waste

‌This section covers regulations in relation to Food Waste, Packaging, Farm Plastic, Waste Tyres and Waste Permits.

Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations 2009

The Food Waste Regulations cover a broad range of commercial outlets, including shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, pubs and office canteens. Producers of food waste are required to segregate food waste, ensure that it is collected by authorised waste collectors and then recovered at an authorised recovery facility.

For further information on the new regulations go to

Circular DoEHLG on Food Waste Regulations

European Union (Packaging) Regulations, 2014

The Packaging Regulations impose regulations on companies that place packaging, packaging material or packaged products on the Irish market.  All Producers must segregate their packaging waste arising on site into specified waste streams and ensure that it is recycled or recovered.  Producers with a turnover of €1m that place 10 tonnes of packaging on to the market (Major Producer) are further obliged to either join with their Local Authority or Repak . 

List of Self Complying Companies 2019

European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014

Initial Application Registration 2018

Quarterly Packaging Report 2018

Renewal of Registration 2018 Waste Packaging


Waste Management (Farm Plastics) Regulations 2001

The Farm Plastics Regulations  place an obligation on farmers to recover farm plastic waste generated. The Irish Farm Films Producers' Group (IFFPG) provides a free plastic recovery scheme. Call the national Farm Films Recovery hotline on 1890 300444 to arrange for free disposal of your used farm plastic film.   

Under no circumstances should farm plastic be burned or buried. This practice may result in prosecution under the Air Pollution Act, 1987 or the Waste Management Act, 1996.

For further information on all of the above  contact:  Fingal County Council, Enforcement Section, County Hall, Swords, Co. Dublin

Telephone: 01-890 6288/ 01-890 6295/ 01-8905983 or  Email: [email protected]

Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017 

Waste Tyres Legislation

The  Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017 (SI No 400 of 2017) promote the environmentally sound management of waste tyres.  The commencement date for these Regulations is the 1st October 2017.

The regulations impose obligations on persons who supply tyres to the Irish market, whether as manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, traders, or retailers and on the collectors of waste tyres and farmers.

Under article 21 and 22 of the aforementioned regulations producers and retailers of tyres must be a member of a compliance scheme operated by an approved body. 

Repak ELT Limited is the approved body as set out in the Regulations.

Address:      Repak ELT, REd Cow Interchange Estate, 1 Ballymount Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. D22 HW67

Contact No.  01 4618 600


Please note that suppliers/retailers are obliged to transfer waste tyres to an authorised waste collector who shall also be registered with REPAK ELT. 

Waste Management Tyres Regulations 2017


WASTE Management (Facility & Registration) Regulations 2007 - as amended

The Facility & Registration Regulations require that any facility which is involved in the recovery or disposal of waste shall hold a Licence, Permit or Certificate of Registration (called a waste authorisation) depending on the nature of the activity. Examples of activities which will require a waste authorisation include land reclamation, car dismantling, landfills, composting centres, recycling of Construction & Demolition waste and recycling of vegetable and cooking oils.

Not sure if you need a Licence, Permit or Certificate? See our  Do I Need A Waste Licence Permit or Certificate Decision Tree      For further details see our  FAQs Waste Permit Certification and Registration Process

Waste Facility Permit and Certificate of Registration Application Form

WASTE Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007 - as amended

The Waste Collection Permit Regulations require all collectors of waste to hold a permit. You can download the form at the end of this page. For further information please contact:

The National Waste Collection Permit Office(NWCPO), Offaly County Council, Tullamore, Co Offaly at telephone 057 935 7428 or

The European Union (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2014

Producers (vehicle importers or manufacturers) are obliged to establish national collection systems for the recovery and treatment of end-of-life vehicles. 

Each Producer’s national collection system shall have at least one authorized treatment facility in every local authority area, that shall provide free-take-back for vehicles of that producer’s brand or for which that producer has responsibility.