The Harbours at Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny and Rush are under our control and are working harbours.

The Operations Department are responsible for the following in the four harbours: safety, structural integrity, maintenance of navigational aids, waste disposal, parking and litter control.

Visitors to all four harbours are reminded that as they are working harbours, due care is advised and should always be taken.

 Vessels may not be moored or berthed within the harbours without the written permission of the Authority.This provision does not apply to vessels seeking refuge or in distress. The masters of such vessels must contact the authority as soon as possible if forced into the harbour when in difficulty.Vessels must not be abandoned in the harbour environs either in the water or on the hard standing without written consent. Such vessels, rigging, gear and equipment shall be removed by the authority and the owners shall be charged with the cost of disposal.

The Council Adopted its Bye laws in relation to its 4 harbours in December 2010. 

Harbour Byelaws Adopted Balbrigagn & Skerries

Harbour Byelaws Adopted Rush & Lougshinny

Harbour byelaws Adopted Rush Lougshinny