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The FixYourStreet app allows you to report an issue to the Council with location details and photograph.


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App Features


The app will detect the current location and use that to provide the location of the issue.  If you are not at the location where you wish to report (e.g. if you are at the office or at home), you can move the marker to the correct location of the issue.  You can also check Google’s street view to ensure you have selected the correct location of the issue before reporting.

Report an Issue

The app will allow you to report an issue anonymously or you can provide your name and email address.  When you have the correct location, you can fill out a very brief form (title of report, description, and location description) and attach a photograph of the issue if available.

The issue gets uploaded directly into fixyourstreet and automatically distributed to the relevant Council department who can begin to tackle the matter straight away.

View Reports

You can also view other public reports which have been logged previously - either on the map or as a list, to check out if your issue has already been reported or just to see whether there are any related issues of interest to you in a particular area.


Select Help from the Options menu for an explanation of the various app options.


For support using the app, contact FixYourStreet by completing this form

App Options

The following are the various options available in the app  –

Show My Location  Show my Location
 Download Incidents Download Incidents
 Open Street View Open Street View
 Create New Incident Create New Incident
 Open List of Incidents Open List of Incidents