Long Term Lease Scheme

Do you have a Property to Let Under Long Term Leasing ?

Leasing your Dublin property to your local authority in Dublin takes the uncertainty out of being a landlord.  For up to 20 years, you could have no vacancy costs, no letting fees, no rent arrears and no day-to-day maintenance costs.  It makes financial sense too, with guaranteed income of up to 80 % of the market rent.

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We are now leasing properties from private property owners in the Fingal administrative area, which will be used to accommodate people in need of housing.  This scheme provides a hassle free letting with certainty of income.

This is a separate scheme to the Rental Accommodation Scheme and is for property owners who want long term guaranteed income but do not want to be responsible for the day to day requirements of managing tenants or maintaining a residential property.

In assessing the suitability of a property for leasing, we will firstly consider the demand for social housing in the area and its objective of achieving sustainable communities by having a good balance of mixed income and mixed tenure households.

If you have a one, two, three or four bedroom house or apartment in good condition, which complies with private rented dwelling standards, and which you would be interested in leasing for ten years or more you can get :-

  • A guaranteed rental income
  • No hassle of rent collection and finding a new tenant
  • No tenancy management
  • No day to day maintenance costs
  • Leases for 10 to 20 years


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