Housing Transfers & New Tenants in Your Home

Applications for a transfer from your existing home may be made once you have been a Council tenant for at least 2 years. If you’re already a tenant and you have someone planning to come and live with you, you need to apply to us for permission.

Transfers to Alternative Accommodation

If you are our tenant and you wish to move to another home you can apply for a transfer. To be considered for a transfer you must:

  • Be a tenant for a minimum of 2 years
  • Have a clear rent account
  • Have maintained your existing dwelling in good condition
  • Not have engaged in anti-social behaviour within the previous 2 years

If you want to apply for a transfer, download the transfer form at the bottom of the page, which you should fill out and send back to us.

Transfer of Tenancy

A transfer of tenancy involves changing the people named on the tenancy agreement, which you sign when you are allocated a home.
Transfer of Tenancy applications are considered for the following reasons:

  • Marriage
  • Death
  • Relationship breakdown 

When considering your application we examine the following:

  • Your reason for the transfer
  • Whether your rent account is good order with no arrears
  • Whether everyone in your dwelling is correctly assessed for rent
  • Anyone who wants to be added to the tenancy must be residing in the dwelling for at least 2 years and have been assessed for rent there during that time
  • Anyone being added to the tenancy can’t have owned, either jointly or in their own right, a property
  • Anyone being added to the tenancy can’t be a current tenant of any Local Authority
  • Everyone listed on the application must not have been engaged in anti-social behaviour for at least 2 years

Mutual Inter Transfers

Council tenants may exchange the tenancy of their existing home for a tenancy with another Council, Housing Authority or Approved Voluntary Housing Association. These transfers must be approved by us, and by the other Local Authority.

When considering your application we examine the following:

  • The reason given by the applicants of each household for the inter transfer
  • Whether the transfer would result in overcrowding for either household
  • Whether the transfer would result in under-utilisation of either home
  • Whether the rent accounts of both applicants are clear
  • Whether both homes have been maintained in good condition
  • Both applicants have not engaged in anti-social behaviour in the previous 2 years

Permission to Reside

If you’re already a tenant and you have someone planning to come and live with you, you must apply to us for permission by printing and filling out the Permission to Reside Form at the end of this page. You should also contact the Rent Section to let them know. You can not allow someone to live at your home without prior permission from us.

Housing Transfer Form

Application form for Social Housing Support

Permission to Reside Form amended


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