Temporary Road Closures

Do you need to apply for a temporary road closure? If so, please read the following information carefully. 

Applications must be made 6 weeks prior to the temporary road closure   

Road closure applications should include:

  • Letter of application with contact numbers 
  • Name of road to be closed
  • Nature of works to be carried out 
  • Time and dates of proposed closure
  • Copy of insurance cert indemnifying Fingal County Council to €6.5m
  • Copy of a traffic management plan
  • Map showing the location of the closure required
  • Non refundable fee of €1,000 to cover all advertisement and administrative costs


€1,000  2 days or less
€2,000  3 - 7 days inclusive
€5,000  7 - 28 days inclusive
€7,000  > 28 days

A charge of €200 per day applies where a closure exceeds the number of days applied for.

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