Fingal Facts & Figures

Do you need information about your local area within Fingal?

Your Council - Your Services Booklet

The aim of the Your Council - Your Services booklet is to create awareness among citizens about the work being done by your local council, where funding comes from, and where it is spent. You can download the booklet in English and Irish below.

Your Council Your Services English

Your Council Your Services Irish 

Watch a short animated video below that shows some of our key statistics.

Your Council Your Services Animation Still


Fingal Open Data 

We created Fingal Open Data to enable citizens to access data relating to Fingal and other public sector organisations. We use the Fingal Data Hub to map the information and statistics.

This information is free to access and use, in accordance with the PSI general licence. Use of any published data is subject to Data Protection  legislation.
You can view current datasets by visiting Fingal Open Data
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Fingal Data Hub

The Fingal Data Hub allows organisations holding useful data to share and publish anonymised administrative data and official statistics. Members of the public can use the Hub to visualise these data on maps and relate it to their interests. 
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